Source code for malaya.tokenizer

from malaya.text.regex import _expressions
from malaya.text.function import split_into_sentences
import re
import html

[docs]class Tokenizer: def __init__(self, **kwargs): """ Load Tokenizer object. Check supported regex pattern at Parameters ---------- emojis: bool, optional (default=False) True to keep emojis. urls: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep urls. urls_improved: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep urls, better version. tags: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep tags: <tag>. emails: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep emails. users: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep users handles: @cbaziotis. hashtags: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep hashtags. phones: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep phones. percents: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep percents. money: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep money expressions. date: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep date expressions. time: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep time expressions. time_pukul: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep time `pukul` expressions. acronyms: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep acronyms. emoticons: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep emoticons. censored: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep censored words: f**k. emphasis: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep words with emphasis: *very* good. numbers: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep numbers. temperature: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep temperatures distance: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep distances. volume: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep volumes. duration: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep durations. weight: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep weights. hypen: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep hypens. ic: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep Malaysian IC. title: bool, optional (default=True) True to keep title with dot, Dr. ayam -> ['Dr.', 'ayam'] """ pipeline = [] self.regexes = _expressions emojis = kwargs.get('emojis', False) urls = kwargs.get('urls', True) urls_improved = kwargs.get('urls_improved', True) tags = kwargs.get('tags', True) emails = kwargs.get('emails', True) users = kwargs.get('users', True) hashtags = kwargs.get('hashtags', True) cashtags = kwargs.get('cashtags', True) phones = kwargs.get('phones', True) percents = kwargs.get('percents', True) money = kwargs.get('money', True) date = kwargs.get('date', True) time = kwargs.get('time', True) time_pukul = kwargs.get('time_pukul', True) acronyms = kwargs.get('acronyms', True) emoticons = kwargs.get('emoticons', True) censored = kwargs.get('censored', True) emphasis = kwargs.get('emphasis', True) numbers = kwargs.get('numbers', True) temperatures = kwargs.get('temperature', True) distances = kwargs.get('distance', True) volumes = kwargs.get('volume', True) durations = kwargs.get('duration', True) weights = kwargs.get('weight', True) hypens = kwargs.get('hypen', True) ic = kwargs.get('ic', True) title = kwargs.get('title', True) if title: pipeline.append(self.regexes['title']) if urls: pipeline.append(self.regexes['url']) if urls_improved: pipeline.append(self.regexes['url_v2']) pipeline.append(self.regexes['url_dperini']) if tags: pipeline.append(self.regexes['tag']) if emails: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['email'])) if users: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['user'])) if hashtags: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['hashtag'])) if cashtags: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['cashtag'])) if phones: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['phone'])) if percents: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['percent'])) if money: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['money'])) if date: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['date'])) if time: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['time'])) if time_pukul: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['time_pukul'])) if acronyms: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['acronym'])) if emoticons: pipeline.append(self.regexes['ltr_face']) pipeline.append(self.regexes['rtl_face']) if censored: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['censored'])) if emphasis: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['emphasis'])) if emoticons: pipeline.append( self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['rest_emoticons']) ) if temperatures: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['temperature'])) if distances: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['distance'])) if volumes: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['volume'])) if durations: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['duration'])) if weights: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['weight'])) if ic: pipeline.append(self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['ic'])) if numbers: pipeline.append(self.regexes['number']) if emojis: pipeline.append(self.regexes['emoji']) if hypens: pipeline.append(self.regexes['hypen']) pipeline.append(self.regexes['apostrophe']) pipeline.append(self.regexes['word']) if emoticons: pipeline.append( self.wrap_non_matching(self.regexes['eastern_emoticons']) ) # keep repeated puncts as one term # pipeline.append(r"") pipeline.append('(?:\\S)') # CATCH ALL remaining terms self.tok = re.compile(r'({})'.format('|'.join(pipeline))) @staticmethod def wrap_non_matching(exp): return '(?:{})'.format(exp)
[docs] def tokenize(self, string: str, lowercase: bool = False): """ Tokenize string into words. Parameters ---------- string : str lowercase: bool, optional (default=False) Returns ------- result: List[str] """ escaped = html.unescape(string) tokenized = self.tok.findall(escaped) tokenized = [t[0] if isinstance(t, tuple) else t for t in tokenized] tokenized = [re.sub(r'[ ]+', ' ', t).strip() for t in tokenized] if lowercase: tokenized = [t.lower() for t in tokenized] return tokenized
[docs]class SentenceTokenizer: def __init__(self): pass
[docs] def tokenize(self, string, minimum_length=5): """ Tokenize string into multiple strings. Parameters ---------- string : str minimum_length: int, optional (default=5) minimum length to assume a string is a string, default 5 characters. Returns ------- result: List[str] """ return split_into_sentences(string, minimum_length=minimum_length)